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Browse through what Hummer Limousine has to offer! We work with a multitude of partners across the United States. With that being said, we have an infinite selection of vehicles to choose from. Each limousine provided has its own unique features. Our job is to help you select the perfect Hummer limousine for your event. We recognize that "how" you arrive is very important. In this regard, we provide exceptional Hummer Limousines for your enjoyment. Prestige, luxury and unforgettable memories is what we strive to give you. You'll be glad that you decided to work with us once you see our fleet.

We have a wide variety of Hummer limousines to choose from. That's because different events require different styles of transportarion. We offer standard Hummer limousines in addition to Monstrous H2 and Pink Hummer limousines. The standard Hummer Limousine is great for classy events. If you're heading to a wedding or corporate event, this is probably the Hummer for you. Our Monster H2 limousine is for those who plan on having an extravaganza of a time. We usually offer this limousine to sports teams or for those looking to have a boys night out. Who ever said size doesn't matter was wrong. The Monster H2 is large enough to fit you and your entire dorm hall, sports team, fraternity or any large group of people you can think of. The Pink Hummer Limousine is for those who truly wish to stand out from the crowd. This is usually rented out to wedding and bridal parties, although this usually becomes very popular around prom and graduation season. Look through the pictures and features below to find the right vehicle for you.

A standard Hummer limo is an excellent choice for most parties, seating 15 to 22 guests and available in a wide range of colors and styles. Some of the exciting features that you'll find in a Hummer limo include:

  • Custom leather seating
  • Wet bar stocked with ice and cups
  • LED or fiber optic lights
  • HDTVs w/ DVD player and HD antenna
  • Lighted ceilings
  • Audio systems that play CDs and iPod

Monster H2 Limo

A Monster H2 limo is for those who believe in the phrase "go big or go home!" As if a standard Hummer limo wasn't massive enough, these Monster models really take it to the extreme! Described by some as "Hummers on steroids," a Monster Hummer limo may include these features:

  • Exclusive front fifth door
  • Mirrored ceilings
  • Six wheel "super stretch" style
  • Wet bar stocked w/ ice & cups
  • Deluxe audio systems for both CD & iPod
  • Multiple HDTVs with DVD players & HD antennas

Pink Hummer Limo

For bachelorette parties, proms, birthday parties, and girls night out, a pink Hummer limo is an absolute essential! Typically available in either hot pink or bubblegum pink, these are every Barbie girl's dream. Some features of a pink Hummer limo may include:

  • Custom pink seating
  • Strobe lights and lasers
  • Twinkle lights and lighted ceiling
  • Pink wet bar stocked with ice and cups
  • HDTVs with DVD players and HD antennas
  • Excellent audio systems that play CD and iPod