Hummer Limo • Hummer H2 Limos

For when size matters, Hummer Limos offers Monster H2 Limos. If you thought the standard Hummer limousine was a beast, wait until you see this thing! This rental is for those looking for big fun and unforgettable memories. Is your party larger than large? Consider the Monster H2 Limo. This massive piece of machinery is capable of fitting your entire church, graduating class or birthday crew. The Monster H2 Limo has been used for wild bachelor parties, humongous bar crawls, epic frat parties and so much more! This limousine is perfect for larger parties. It virtually places no limit on how many guest you can invite. So go ahead invite as many people as you want. We bet you can't fill it to the max!

Are you on a massive dance team heading to the national championship? Make your competition fold by showing up in this fearsome limousine. Is your birthday coming up? Make it count by reserving this vehicle and filling it with the ones who matter most. Wedding day coming up? Turn it into the hugest send off known to man. We offer the Monster H2 Limo for when "Doin' it BIG" matters most. Take over the road and the night in this raging asphalt warrior!

Monster H2 limos are a considerable upgrade from the already over-the-top Hummer limo! You simply cannot miss one of these behemoths rolling down the freeway with that hulking presence, distinctive grill, and unmistakable party vibe! Some of our callers have referred to these Monster H2s as "Hummers on steroids," and we think that sums it up just about right. You're not going to find a larger or more luxurious vehicle than one of these Hummer limos. Want to go big? You might as well go with the biggest.

The features within the limo are similar to what you'll find in a standard Hummer limo, except everything is just that much bigger and better. If there was one bar in the standard limo, you might find two in this one. If there were two HDTVs in the standard H2, you might find four HDTVs that are even larger in the monster H2! Take a look at what typically comes standard in a monster H2 limo, and give us a call for specific information about particular vehicles that our partner companies rent:

  • Six wheel "super stretch" style to make an impression
  • Luxurious bars pre-stocked with cups and ice for you
  • Exclusive front fifth door that really sets it apart
  • Huge HDTVs that play DVDs and live TV via HD antenna
  • Mirrored ceilings that further enhance the ambiance
  • Superb sound systems to handle both MP3 and CD audio

Particularly if you're on a tight budget, you might think that renting a monster Hummer limo is out of your range, and that you'd be better off opting for the standard Hummer limo. We encourage you to give us a call to inquire about pricing, because you just might be surprised at the exclusive deals that we offer, which can easily bring the monster Hummer price down into the standard H2 price range! Don't sell yourself short on amazing party experience before you've got all the info. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Frankly, you haven't experienced a high quality limousine experience until you've rented a monster H2 limo. We have spent years connecting our callers with the best local limo companies who have H2s in their fleet, as well as offering them exclusive deals that no one else can even attempt to match. We hope that you'll take a moment to give us a call or send us an email to find out what we can offer you. There is zero obligation on your part, and you will never even pay a fee for our services. You'll save money, all while having the ultimate hookup to the best local companies. Get in touch with us today. Our contact info is above.